Our Curriculum


Modern Day Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework which focuses on the children as individuals and allow us to map their progress over the seven learning areas and identify where they may need help. All paper work used to document the curriculum has been put together for the children by our practitioners and overseen by a qualified teacher. Children’s folders are accessible to parents at all times and the child’s Key Person is always available to discuss any questions or address any concerns.


Areas of Learning We Cover


Expressive Arts and Design

Art is a way of understanding the world and of communicating ideas and feelings. It is a valuable means of communication and self-expression. Art and Design experiences help to develop creativity and imagination in the individual. Children learn how to express their ideas and feelings, interpret visual images, transform materials into images and objects and to work with intuition as well as logic. They also develop the skills of planning and visualisation and will study the work of artists, craftsmen and designers.



We learn to develop our listening and attention skills by listening to one another and to nursery rhymes, songs and stories. We develop our understanding by responding to questions and instructions. We use language as way of communicating our needs, sharing experiences and demonstrating our understanding.

Physical Development

How children gain control of their bodies, learn about keeping themselves active and healthy and how they use equipment and materials successfully and safely is the ethos behind Physical Development. In the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage, Physical Development is broken down into two aspects:

  • Moving and Handling
  • Health and Self-Care


Literacy development involves encouraging children to read and write, both through listening to others reading, observing them writing, and beginning to read and write themselves. Children must be given access to a wide range of reading and writing materials to ignite their interest..


We learn about numbers, recognising them and representing them in different ways. We continue to use number to solve practical problems and then develop understanding to calculate and record.

We explore shape and space using different resources. We develop our understanding of measure using sand and water and then develop skills further with balances and non standard units of measure.


We develop our understanding of the world by discussing our own families and local community.We explore our environment discussing what we see and the changes that we observe.

We learn about technology using remote controls, operating equipment and computers. We use computers to enhance our learning and every class has an Interactive White Board to share learning and bring the world into our classrooms.

personal,Social and emotional development

We learn to learn together by building relationships with other children and adults.

We learn to increase our self-confidence and self-awareness. We develop our ability to manage our own feelings and behaviour.


The daily activities and play opportunities are planned through these areas and each child will be treated as an individual and presented with lots of opportunities every day to develop and reach their potential through play. Staff encourage the children to be confident and independent, and endeavour to develop their self-esteem.

The relationship and communication with parents is paramount, and to ensure parents feel part of their children’s care, we have introduced a scrap book which goes home with each child at the end of the week. It contains photos and information on what has happened at the nursery during the week. These will also compliment our EYFS Planning.