Our Meals


Whatever your child’s dietary requirements we can plan a meal around their needs.

A well-balanced diet, full of the right kind of nutrition for your child, is essential. Our on-site nursery chefs create a variety of dishes including fresh vegetables, fruit, oily fish, meat and poultry. Where possible, we prefer to use organic fruit and vegetables when preparing our meals. 

Meal times at Modern Day Nursery is a social occasion. Here we teach your child healthy eating habits as well as showing them how to lay the table for others and service themselves. These are life skills  

Daily eating at Modern Day Nursery is a social occasion where children will be taught about the healthy food they are eating, what benefits it has for their well-being, how to serve themselves and lay the table for others. Life skills and knowledge that will become second nature.

The food consistency will be varied for the different age groups, for example:

6 months: Puree
9 months: Textured and Semi-Puree
12 months: Chunky


Weekly Menu


Menus will be on display and rotate every 4 weeks and change throughout the year to keep the meals varied for the children. Once the 4 weeks has elapsed we reverse the weekly menu so that our 2-3 day children get an 8-week varied menu.